1. Introduction

Forest trees are long-lived and immobile individuals that serve as ideal models to assess population structure and adaptation to the environment. Despite the availability of comprehensive data, the researchers who study them are challenged to integrate data describing genotype, phenotype, and the environment. Towards this goal, the web application CartograTree was designed and implemented as an open repository and open-source analytic web-based framework for all three. This framework allows query and analysis in a map-based interface to primarily enable association mapping, ecological genomics, and landscape genomics, through high performance computing. The high performance computing and hosted applications are connected to the user queried data via web services. Ontologies implemented for sequence, phenotype, and environmental metrics facilitate these transactions.

1.1. Project members

  • Nic Herndon
  • Taylor Falk
  • Emily Grau
  • Sean Beuhler
  • Peter Richter
  • Risharde Ramnath
  • Ronald Santos
  • Jill Wegrzyn